Countertop Refinishing in Hammond

Countertops have come a long way. Like everything in our modern world, they’ve evolved from another era to be more durable, more fashionable, and depending on the material, much more affordable, or much more expensive. At Vemex Inc. Inc. we’re in the business of helping to create the kitchen that best suits you, by refinishing your countertops and bringing them into a new era.

Like in any city, Hammond has a diverse population. Some want a classic country kitchen while others go for slick and modern. We’re well versed in all designs, and whether you’re looking to clean up retro counter tops while maintaining their character or create an entirely new look, we’re ready to help.

Anything Refinished

No matter the material, we can refinish your countertop. Though, some may not be capable of much change other than being brought back to their original condition. Countertop repair can do a lot for a kitchen. Even if you just brighten up the existing countertops everything will look infinitely better! Many uncertain Hammond clients have found this to be the case.

At the turn of the 20th century, when people began doing their own cooking, ceramic tile was the prime kitchen surface, and to this day it will stand the test of time with occasional maintenance. From there, laminate was created, followed by the ever-popular granite ushering in a new era. In 2000 we started seeing concrete, quartz, other natural stones, and even metal.

Ceramic – If you have missing or cracked tiles, we’ll do our best to match them or suggest another solution.

Laminate – If you want to keep the existing look, we’ll do an epoxy refinishing. If not, we can apply a whole new sheet to really shake things up!

Granite/Quartz/Marble – Say goodbye to dullness and stains.

Concrete – We can even smooth out heavily scratched butcher block surfaces.

Wood – Using sanding tools, we can smooth out stubborn concrete.

Steel – We will remove scratches and leave it looking shiny and new!

The repair and restoration of existing kitchen or bathroom countertops is a detail-oriented process that should be done carefully and professionally. The best way to make a judgment in regards to your counters is to give us a call and ask about getting a free quote.

In the majority of situations, we will be able to resurface your counters. Should they be too far gone, we’re also equipped to suggest the best options for replacement. At Vemex Inc. Inc. we always have the best interest of our clients in mind, and only suggest the most cost- and time-efficient options.

From Dull to Distinguished

Countertop refinishing is the popular solution with Hammond home and business owners when they’re looking to update their bathroom or kitchen without breaking the bank.

No matter what material your countertop is made of, it can either be brought back to its original quality, or transformed into a like-new surface that blends better with the rest of your property’s design.

Call Vemex Inc. Inc. for free estimates, efficient service and competitive rates today!